Stop your customers from sharing accounts

Increase your revenue by restricting account access only to the person who registered for it

Why we do it?

Just by sharing passwords multiple people can gain access to a company’s premium account without paying for it. We have seen many companies lose revenue due to this. We understand your pain.

Our founding team struggled with the problem of account sharing in their previous job. They searched for many years to find a product that can solve this problem but unfortunately there was none. So the team took it upon themselves to create a solution for this problem.

This problem is real and growing. Even if your marketing succeeds, you might still not be able to get the revenue you deserve. We understand this problem and we understand the pain associated with it. So, if you are struggling with this, we understand you.

Preventing unauthorised sharing of accounts

Authmetrik introduces an adaptive multi layer authentication system that can uniquely identify each user. All the layers collectively form a system that validates the user in the background and prevents you from unauthorised access of an account.


User Signature

A textual password can be shared but a person's keystroke rhythm cannot be. So, the product use Keystroke Dynamics to identify unauthorized access of an account as keystroke rhythm is distinctive for each person. Additionally, the product can also identify the same user on different devices.

User Behaviour

Monitoring a user’s behavior with your system allows the product to help you detect any forwarding of account or any other type of account sharing. You’ll also be able to monitor multiple accounts – if any – used by a user simultaneously.

Device Signature

The product strives to Combine Keystroke Dynamics with attributes specific to a device gives us a unique device signature for a device used by a user. Hence, it generates a unique fingerprint when a particular user uses a particular device. So, you would know when a different user tries to access the system from device registered by another user.

Location Data

The product monitors location from which an account was accessed. The product closely look for any suspicious access locations or impractical locations between time of two login attempts.

Built to help companies minimise account sharing and hence increase revenue

Plug and play

Just add our JS Snippet and you are done. Its as simple as that.

No change in user experience

All the magic happens in the background.

Adaptive and safe

It learns user’s latest patterns on each login.

Unique to each user

The metrics we use to identify a user is unique to each user and cannot be lost or stolen by any other individual


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